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The Oceanography Center, University of Cyprus in cooperation with the Experimental Design Office of the Oceanologic Institute of the Science Academy in Russia and the Institute of Marine Research of the Eastern Mediterranean, have designed an experiment where the autonomous profiler combined with a CTD device and special sensors, will be able to provide sea currents, dissolved oxygen and other biochemical element measurements.

The Aqualog system is designed for multidisciplinary oceanological studies and environmental monitoring on the sea shelves and continental slopes. An autonomous carrier (marine elevator) for different oceanic measuring equipment was developed for the ?rst time in the practice of Russian oceanography. It is a carrier, for example, for an acoustic Doppler current meter, a CTD-pro?ler, a sensor of dissolved oxygen, a ?uorometer, a turbidity meter, etc.

This approach allows the user to optimize ocean measurements over a large depth range. A single set of sensors is used, instead of several sets of sensors at fixed depths, which greatly reduces both the cost of a survey and the time spent on instrument maintenance and calibration. Such a system can collect regular profiles over a large depth range (e.g. 500 m) at high temporal and vertical resolutions at fixed geographical location over continental slopes or in the open ocean during a season or longer.