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Oceanographic sensors integrated on the profiler

To configure the Aqualog Profiler at the factory it is required that a prospective client specifies several oceanographic sensors from the list below. This information is needed to provide complete set of the instrument fittings and the underwater cables. A client often tends to choose the sensors, which were obtained earlier to extend their services during a profiler survey.

Salinity, temperature and depth:

  • TRDI Citadel CTD ES                                 
  • RBR XR-620 CTD
  • SBE 19 CTD
  • SBE 19plus  V1,V2 CTD
  • SBE 49 CTD
  • SBE 52 MP CTD
  • Idronaut Ocean Seven 316plus CTD     

Dissolved oxygen:

  • AANDERAA fast oxygen optode 4330F
  • SBE 43F sensor (with SBE 52 MP CTD or SBE 19plus CTD)
  • Idronaut Dissolved Oxygen Sensor (with Ocean Seven 316plus CTD)

Acidification and redox:

  • SBE 27 pH/Redox sensor
  • Idronaut pH sensor (with Ocean Seven 316plus CTD)
  • Idronaut ORP sensor (with Ocean Seven 316plus CTD)
  • Satlantic SeaFET pH sensor

Fluorescence and turbidity:

  • Seapoint Turbidity Meter & Fluorometers (Chlorophyll, Fluorescein, Rhodamine, UV)  
  • Wet Lab FLBBCD Triplet for chlorophyll, backscatter, CDOM
  • Turner SCUFA fluorometer

Ocean current and acoustic  backscatter:

  • Nortek Aquadopp current meter       
  • RDI Doppler Volume Sampler (DVS)
  • AQUAScat1000 acoustic backscatter meter


  • Satlantic SUNA Deep Wiper nitrate sensor
  • SubChem APNA inorganic nitrate, phosphate, silicate, Fe(II) probe

*Other sensors can be integrated on request

Samples of the sensors placing

SBE 52 MP CTD, Oxygen SBE 43F sensor,  SBE 27 pH/Redox sensor,  Wet Lab FLBBCD Triplet
for chlorophyll, backscatter, CDOM sensor, Satlantic SUNA Deep Wiper nitrate sensor,
Evologics S2CR 7/17 modem


The Aqualog Profiler equipped with SBE 52 MP CTD, Seapoint Fluorometer,  Nortek Aquadopp current meter,
and AquaSCAT1000 4-channel acoustic backscatter meter
(Photo courtesy David Luquet, Laboratoire d'Oc?anographie de Villefranche)


Application of the AQUAscat 1000s Acoustic Backscatter System on the profiler (jointly with University of Leicester, UK)


Typically 20 ?m to 2000 ?m radius
Typically 0.01 g/l to 20 g/l over 1 m

Measurement cells 256 х 40 mm ? 10 m
Measurement burst interval Internally generated once every minute

The AQUAscat  transmits pulses of high frequency sound on 4 transducers, each of which may operate at a different frequency in the range from 500 kHz to 5 MHz. It measures the sound scattered by sediment or other suspended materials at discrete spatial intervals programmable from around 2? millimetres to several centimetres.

RDI DVS current meter RBR XR620 CTD

Idronaut 316 CTD with pH, DO, Redox sensors



Nortek Aquadopp current meter

TRDI Citadel CTD